The holidays are over and now we focus on… umm, well, on lots of things. First up, the BRAC has to change the grant again. We ran into some scheduling conflicts and therefore have some money to spend before the


Last weekend was the ACA’s Adaptive Paddling Workshop in Big Bay, MI. You don’t have to be a paddling instructor to take this course, but since I am, it counts as an Endorsement to my teaching certificate as well as

It’s Labor Day Weekend and Hurricane Harvey has decided to crash the end-of-summer parties… While it looks like there won’t be much fun time on the water for the next few days, we have started to prepare for winter activities

Hello Friends! Welcome to the LoCo ‘Yaks’ new website and blog. First & foremost, THANK YOU for being here. Whether you just found us, or you’ve been around since the very first BRCU, thank you for supporting the LoCo ‘Yaks.