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Kayak on your terms — whether you’re looking for an afternoon on the river, or you’re taking up a new hobby, we can help you get started.

Eager to get out on your own, or maybe you want someone with experience in the group — we’ve got you covered!

Private lessons, guided group trips, rentals, & adaptive programs available now.  (Click each Heading for more information.)

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Some type of educational/ safety instruction is a worthwhile investment if you’re taking up just about any new hobby. We offer Basic Strokes, Rescues, and Kayaking Lake Erie classes in a group setting or one-on-one. These classes cover everything from parts of a kayak to float plans to wet exits to safely re-entering the kayak in deep water. Taking a class is not a necessity with kayaking, but protecting yourself is.





Sometimes you want to try something new, but… it’s new — of course you don’t know what to do. So, take a Guide with you. Guided Trips provide added safety and security for those groups who want to enjoy some time on the water with a knowledgable and experienced person who’s been there and knows what to do in an emergency, or even a not-really-emergency emergency.



Imagine “food truck, but kayak rentals” … We travel, bringing kayaking to a lake near you! Currently serving Lorain County communities, you can find us regularly in Avon Lake, Lorain & Berea, and by appointment almost anywhere in Lorain & our neighboring counties.




Because we believe everyone should have the opportunity. Kayaking is an inclusive, made-for-all sport that most anyone can do. All it takes is adapting the right kayak, and adapting the right adventure to your strengths and abilities. We dare you not to love it… Let’s see where we can go.