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An ongoing project, as weather permits, coordinated by the City of Lorain and the Black River AOC Advisory Committee, designed to bring awareness to your community storm drains, where they end, and the path along the way.


  1. Who can get their drains painted?

    Private land owners throughout Lorain County can easily sign up to have their storm drains painted. Residents of the City of Lorain can have any public drains painted (i.e. streets, parks, public parking lots, etc.). Citizens of other towns/ villages/ townships who want public drains painted can submit their information, and we will contact the appropriate public officials to confirm permission.

  2. Why should we paint the storm drains?

    A lot of people don’t know that the storm drains are NOT part of our treated sanitary sewer system. Storm drains dump directly into the Black River, Lake Erie, and various creeks and tributaries that feed into the river and lake. When you find litter on the beach, there’s a good chance it started near a storm drain miles away. By stenciling the gentle reminder “Lake Erie Starts Here,” people may remember that this drain is a direct pipeline to our Great Lake, and hopefully rethink their actions.

  3. What can I do?

    You can volunteer to have your neighborhood drains painted. We’ll bring the paint & stencil; you can paint & take pics. Tell your friends that you’ve adopted your local storm drain and they can too. Then take care of your drain — make sure it stays clean of leaves, grass clippings, sticks, and litter.

    You can also volunteer to help us cover more neighborhoods by delivering the supplies on a scheduled basis.

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