In Coordination with  Lorain County Metro Parks, and Sponsored by Avient (formerly Poly One),  Rock For Water, and  Oasis Marina @ Port Lorain …

We proudly present our first ever

VIRTUAL Black River Clean-Up

Saturday, May 1, 2021     BRCU’21

Pre-registrants will be invited to a special Zoom meeting. Since someone always has their phone — each group can have a phone operator with the Zoom call while out cleaning up. The Zoom will be live-streamed on our Facebook and YouTube.     …     And that, friends, is how we will clean up together but far apart.           #socialdistancing

Log-on begins at 9:00am

Streaming ends at 11:00am

Facebook Live wrap-up report in the evening.



Your neighborhood, favorite outdoor spot, or that treeline you always pass that could use some love.

Wherever you want to make a difference.


Keep scrolling to REGISTER for the Zoom call (video required)



DID YOU KNOW? Rivers, streams & ditches start at storm drains.

Storm drains steal the garbage from your street and send it on a journey to your favorite waterway. 



 Dress for the weather, wear sturdy shoes, don’t forget sunscreen, and


Trust your gut and don’t do anything that may put you or others in danger. Take care of each other out there and use the buddy system.


We have clean-up supplies available to borrow (pick up W-F before) –  including gloves, bags, buckets, and grabbers.

Email to reserve supplies.



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Annual Black River Clean-Up


110.6+ Tons of marine debris have been

recycled, re-purposed, or relocated in 7 years


in 2018, 296 volunteers collected:

8,800 lbs. TRASH + 438 TIRES + 2,610 lbs. SCRAP METAL = 12.69 TONS


in 2017, 320 volunteers collected:

20,500 lbs. TRASH + 254 TIRES + 1,360 lbs. SCRAP METAL = 14.39 TONS


in 2016, 385 volunteers collected:

20,330 lbs. TRASH + 115 TIRES + 3,485 lbs. SCRAP METAL = 18.38 TONS


in 2015, 422 volunteers collected:

13.75 tons TRASH + 546 TIRES + 1,090 lbs. SCRAP METAL = 25.42 TONS


in 2014, 280 volunteers collected:

19.29 tons TRASH + 125 TIRES + 660 lbs. SCRAP METAL = 22 TONS


in 2013, 255 volunteers collected:

3.87 tons TRASH + 105 TIRES + 1,800 lbs. SCRAP METAL = 6.5 TONS

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