It’s Labor Day Weekend and Hurricane Harvey has decided to crash the end-of-summer parties…

While it looks like there won’t be much fun time on the water for the next few days, we have started to prepare for winter activities — no we don’t have a secret sled hill or snowmobiles, but we are working on fundraisers, AOC projects, and various other forms of community outreach. 

Our Spaghetti Dinner is coming up on October 18th, and will be held at the Lorain Elks Lodge again. Also in October, we will be hosting two viewings of Bringing Back The Black River at the Lorain Historical Society. Check out the Events tab for details.

In September, I (Stephanee) will be attending an ACA Adaptive Paddling Workshop (APW) to add the Adaptive Endorsement to my teaching certificate. Robb obtained his adaptive endorsement last year. We (LoCo ‘Yaks) are working to secure a grant to provide adaptive paddling classes and adventures, free of charge, to physically disabled Lorain County residents. We hope to begin scheduling for this program in 2018.

The Black River AOC Advisory Committee’s (BRAOCAC) support grant has been extended through March 2018 and will include a few new projects: 

  1. Painting 300-500 Lorain County storm drains with “Lake Erie Starts Here”.
  2. Printing informational brochures on Black River history and restoration projects.
  3. River tours via kayak or river boat to see the restoration efforts first-hand and to learn about our MDPEP.

Additionally, we are still scheduling MDPEPs for any school, community, or youth group. We’ll even schedule one for your family or anyone who’s interested in learning how to prevent marine debris — book club, wine club, bowling league team, high school sports teams, 4H club, science class, student council, … We will also be scheduling a few public MDPEPs for smaller groups who are curious. 


Keep an eye on our website and social media for more information. We’ll keep updating as new details are established.


… And there we have it — blog #2 is in the books. Look at me go.