The holidays are over and now we focus on…

umm, well,

on lots of things.

First up, the BRAC has to change the grant again. We ran into some scheduling conflicts and therefore have some money to spend before the grant cycle is up in March. We’ve decided to host a Black River AOC Summit. It will be a chance for locals and people who work in the restoration & conservation industries to see our projects and how they are working to remove our BUIs (Beneficial Use Impairments) and de-list the river. Dates are being considered and a call for speakers will go out soon. Once the summit is planned, we also have to put together the next grant request to begin in April.

Then, in April and May, we’ll host the Paddling Film Festival again with proceeds going to the LoCo ‘Yaks’ scholarship fund. Last year this event was such a fun time. Great movies and visiting with great friends while enjoying delicious food & drinks… It’s a selection of award-winning short paddling films. We’ll have 10+ films to choose from, but will narrow it down to 2 hours of viewing time.

And, of course, BRCU’18 is May 5 & 6. If you’ve never taken part in a Black River Clean-Up, you really should! It’s the funnest, dirtiest, grossest great time you’ll have all year. And there’s FREE lunch afterward. (and free beer. sshhhh.)

Oh, and then there’s the Grand Opening of The LoCo ‘Yak Shak, a paddling gear resale/ consignment shop as well as LoCo ‘Yaks’ headquarters. There’s a wall to re-build, some signage to order & organizing to do, but we plan to open mid-to-late May. 

Plus all the year-end accounting is due, tax forms, payroll, more tax forms, and some other government stuff that requires too much of my time. Running a non-profit is not even close to the “club” we started 6 years ago. That was going to be fun. This is work. A lot of work. I need a raise. And a nap.

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